"why would they need it? "

No. The question is "what pressure cause them to not make it."

The answer is obvious.

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It gives an aquatic ape hope that one day, only millions of years away, we too will have fins, that is if we survive our insane industrial mega-death tech.

Key perspective regarding cetaceans & the ocean: the large whales, dolphins & orcas were ruling the oceans when our primate ancestors were still swinging from trees. Hominids are a very recent mutation, like neo-natal aliens invading their ocean dimension. Stealing all the herring & salmon & other wicked industrial pathology. Running over everything with our gigantic smoke-belching vessels.

If this planet belongs to any highly sentient beings by precedence, it is the cetaceans.

Maybe the alien diplomats from Alpha Centari or Zeta Reticuli will enlighten us, or maybe they will harpoon us & suck our brain oil. Cosmic toss up with our current planetary karma...

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